Best Kinds Of Fish To Smoke

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When it comes to smoked fish, there are so many options to choose from that the possibilities are nearly endless. If you’re interested in learning more about the best kinds of fish to smoke, read on!


While smoked salmon is the standard, smoked trout is an excellent option for those who prefer a leaner, milder smoked fish. Trout is a great choice as it doesn’t have quite as strong of a flavor profile, and lacks some of the fattiness of salmon, but retains the smoke flavor that makes salmon such a fantastic choice for smoking. With a flaky texture that maintains its moisture quite well during the cooking process, trout is one of our favorite fish to smoke!


While the term whitefish is often used to describe a few different species of fish, in this case we’re referring to Lake Whitefish. Known for its mild flavor, whitefish has plenty of fat content and takes to hot smoking nicely. Whitefish works well in a multitude of dishes, perhaps the most famous of which is whitefish salad.


Smoked whiting is made from a small cod-like species of fish that is actually a type of hake. Whiting can be brined and hot smoked like whitefish, but they don’t need to be brined or smoked as long. They are a lean fish, so they must be delicately smoked, as they will dry out if smoked too long.


A small and oily fish, herring creates a very rich, salty flavor that is popular in the Caribbean. While our team at Acme prepares & serves our herring in a variety of different brines, smoked herring, also known as kippers, is another fantastic and versatile variety of smoked fish!


We’ve arrived at smoked sablefish, otherwise known as black cod. Smoked sablefish is an ocean floor dwelling fish that our team sources from Northern Pacific waters off the coast of Alaska. This unique fish is known for its sweet & buttery flavor, where the smoke and salt pair with a silky texture.


Tuna is a large, pelagic fish that is present throughout the world. They can spoil quickly, so people have been smoking these large oceanic apex predators for thousands of years to preserve their meat. Most species of tuna are best hot smoked.


Atlantic mackerel, with its lean yet pleasantly oily meat, picks up smoke flavors well, especially with a little cracked pepper kick. Atlantic mackerel, an abundant species of small bait fish, is a close relative of various types of tuna.


You can’t write a list about the best fish to smoke without mentioning salmon. Often considered the standard when it comes to smoked fish, salmon’s high fat content means that it absorbs smoke flavors quite well, making an already flavorful fish even more appealing. However, perhaps the best part about smoked salmon is how many different ways it can be prepared. 


For those in search of a salty, spicy alternative to traditional smoked salmonPastrami smoked salmon offers a New York spin with a peppery & tangy bite that pairs beautifully with the natural fattiness of the salmon.


Our Togarashi smoked salmon is inspired by the Japanese seasoning shichimi togarashi, which means “seven-flavor chili pepper.” The result is a salmon that’s just a bit spicy, but packs plenty of flavor.


When it comes to smoking salmon, the East & West coast each have their own distinct styles. The West coast variety generally comes in the form of Hot Smoked Salmon, which uses slightly higher smoking temperatures than the variety more common on the East coast (known as cold smoked salmon) in order to create a flaky, tender texture. You can’t go wrong with this luscious take on a classic!


Nova refers to the region where the fish for this variety of smoked salmon was historically harvested, off the coast of Nova Scotia. Nova is traditionally lightly smoked after brining. Although the salmon used for making nova is no longer harvested off the coast of Nova Scotia, the name of this uniquely New York method for making smoked salmon has stuck.


If you’re ready to purchase smoked fish to try for yourself, our team at Acme Smoked Fish has a variety of options to choose from, many of which you can find at retailers near you through our Store Locator, as well as our Fish Friday curbside pickup operation. Visit our website today for more information about all of the fish we offer. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you find the perfect fish for your palate.




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