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We’re making great food memories all over the nation—and there’s a good chance you’ll find our smoked fish at a local deli, restaurant, or supermarket. Visit our store locator to find a retailer near you (or give your go-to grocer a gentle nudge to start bringing in Acme Smoked Fish!).

Mazel on the minnow! Before giving in to your smoked fish cravings, we recommend you chat with your doctor.

At Acme, safety and quality come first. Salt is an essential ingredient for each. By including enough salt in our recipes, we not only enhance the natural flavors of our smoked seafood, but we also ensure that our fish meets FDA guidelines for food safety.

Once you open your package of smoked fish, you should consume it all within 5 days. In the rare event of leftovers, store your opened packages in a zip-lock bag to maintain that second-to-none succulence.

Unopened, vacuum-packed fish, including cold-smoked, hot-smoked, and specialty items,  will stay fresh and flavorful for much longer. Just check the “best by” date on the label and enjoy before then. Saving your smoked fish for a special occasion? Pop it in the freezer to extend the shelf life for up to 6 months. A thaw in the fridge (set below 40°F) is all that stands between you and a great meal with family or friends. 

At Acme, our commitment to crafting great food and great memories begins with the highest quality, premium-grade salmon. When it comes to sourcing, we only work with suppliers that meet the strictest standards set by Best Aquaculture Practices and the Marine Stewardship Council. As for the fish itself, we only select responsibly farmed Atlantic salmon and sustainably harvested wild salmon from the most pristine waters.

Lox, smoked salmon. Tomato, tomahto? Not quite. While the two names are used interchangeably, especially here in the United States, lox is different from smoked salmon. When prepared authentically, lox is cured in salt and not, in fact, smoked at all. Although this delicacy takes on a silky texture that resembles cold-smoked salmon, it stands on its own two fins thanks to its singularly salty flavor.

100%, yes. Not only is our responsibly sourced farmed salmon safe to eat, but it’s also rich in protein and loaded with beneficial nutrients. Find out more about this wholesome fish on the Our Smoked Fish page on our website.

A bit of food science: Because cream is naturally acidic, it breaks down the proteins in the herring, resulting in a softer, more tender bite.

We love connecting with our community on Fish Friday. To join us, place an order online between midnight on Saturday and noon the following Friday, then swing on by the smokehouse. We’ll be there from 8 am to 1 pm on Friday, ready to meet you with big smiles and the best smoked fish around. Visit our Fish Friday page for more info.

Not all, but most. If you keep a gluten-free diet, you can safely enjoy all Acme products except the Chopped Herring Salad, Smoked Fish Dip, and Poke Bowls.

We are committed to being Citizens of Seafood, which means that we are pushing ourselves to become leaders in the industry by sourcing and selling environmentally responsible fish. We’re doing this by encouraging fisheries and farms to improve their practices and working with global sustainability standards such as GSSI to monitor our supply chain and measure our progress over time. Acme is proud to report that 98% of all the salmon that we source is certified under one of the eco-certifications recognized in the GSSI benchmark: Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP), Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC), Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), and GlobalG.A.P. You can learn more about these certifications, other fish species and our sustainable sourcing strategy in our 2022 Citizens of Seafood Sustainability Report.

It sure is. You can extend the shelf life of your fish for up to 6 months by popping it in the freezer, then thawing it in the fridge (set below 40°F) when you’re ready to enjoy. Just avoid re-freezing if you’d like to preserve the superior texture, flavor, and color of the fish.

Smoked salmon is a rich source of protein, vitamin D, Omega-3 fatty acids, and joy. Check out our blog post to discover the myriad health benefits of moderate seafood consumption.

You certainly don’t have to, but you can! We’re proud to offer smoked fish that’s ready to eat right out of the package and as a part of your favorite recipes. Hot-smoked salmon cakes? Lox, eggs, and onion? Now we’re talking.

If you belong to the “savor it slowly” school, you have time to spare—our Whitefish Salad will stay fresh for 5 days in the fridge. Just avoid freezing the salad to maintain its creamy consistency.

To keep with tradition, we add a trace amount of wine to every batch of our pickling brine. This wine is quickly absorbed by the vinegar present in the mixture, so there’s absolutely no alcohol detectable in this delicacy.

Yes. Acme uses blockchain technology to trace the origin and chain of custody for all of the fish we buy. We do this in order to comply with federal regulations surrounding seafood traceability (FDA FSMA 204), and also so that our customers can be confident in the quality of our products and the stewardship of our oceans.

We recommend you enjoy your herring within 10–15 days of opening the jar. Word to the wise? You want to keep your pickled herring refrigerated at all times, even if it’s sealed. Sorry, that does mean you have to toss the jar that got lost under your car seat on the way home from the grocery store or was in your fridge during that days-long power outage.

Absolutely. While freezing the herring may change the texture and appearance of the fish, you’re more than welcome to store them in your freezer. Just be sure to move the contents of your herring jar into a freezer-safe plastic container or zip-lock bag to avoid broken glass.

You should never store smoked fish at room temperature, so as soon as you’re home from the store, pop it right into the fridge.
Hosting a brunch or grazing on bagels with friends? Just make sure you open the package when you take it out of the fridge, and never leave it out for more than 3 hours at room temp.

During the Passover season, you’ll notice a “Kosher for Passover” sticker or laser inscription. Check out our blog post about Kosher for Passover products for more info.

For a fish to be kosher, it’s gotta have scales, bones, and fins. That rules out shellfish, but it also excludes scale-less fish like sturgeon, swordfish, and catfish. Hungry for more information about how we uphold kosher standards? Check out our Kosher and Quality Standards section.

We believe that premium smoked fish should be enjoyed by all—including our friends and families who keep kosher. That’s why everything, except for our sturgeon, is certified kosher. 
Fun fact: for a fish and the products derived from it to be kosher, it must have both fins and scales. Because sturgeon have unique “scales” that are smooth and cannot be scraped away without ripping the skin, its meat and caviar cannot be consumed under traditional kosher law.

Several of our products are made Kosher for Passover. Prior to Passover production, the KOF-K certifiers prepare our plants to uphold Kosher for Passover standards. That means you can enjoy our smoked fish all year long. Just remember, when purchasing Acme products during (and leading up to) Passover, check for one of our "Kosher for Passover" labels to be sure.

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