Smoked Fish 101

The Slow Magic of Smoking Fish

Once cured, we smoke our fish over a slow burning blend of North American hardwoods. Why? Where there’s smoke, there’s flavor.

whiting ready for smoking

Hot or Cold? Here’s Why It Matters

smoked whitefish

Hot Smoking

While Acme may be celebrated for cold-smoked products, our hot-smoking process delivers complex flavors with a fork-tender texture. The first thing to know? The hot in “hot smoked” refers to temperature, not spice. We stoke our fire until it reaches 165°F or higher, smoking the fish until it settles at an internal temp of 145°F, which usually takes a few hours. Then, it’s all about enjoying the bold flavor and firm, flaky bite. 

smoked salmon

Cold Smoking

A careful craft that preserves the silky, raw-like texture of the fish, cold smoking requires patience, discretion, and a delicate touch. With our expert smokers tending to the fire, we keep our smokehouse at 90°F or lower—cool enough to avoid denaturing the proteins of the fish, warm enough to welcome layers of flavor. For up to 12 hours, the fish rests in this controlled haze of woodsmoke. By law, we reserve this process for tuna, salmon, and sable. By love, we’ve built our name on it. 

Next Up

Quality is Our Promise

smoked salmon

Next Up

Quality is Our Promise

By smoking our fish with the utmost care, we uphold our commitment to quality. This commitment drives everything we do at Acme, from building relationships with responsible farmers and sourcing the freshest seafood to investing in the success of our team and industry. In holding ourselves to the highest standards, we think we make some pretty good smoked fish—but you be the judge.

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