7 Smoked Fish Appetizers for Your Next Party

smoked salmon cucumber bites

Ready to elevate your party game with a touch of smoked fish sophistication? At Acme Smoked Fish, we're not just experts in crafting delicious smoked fish; we're seasoned hosts who know a thing or two about throwing unforgettable parties. Picture our Brooklyn headquarters during the holiday season, the summertime, or any time of year really – a festive hub where good food, laughter, and the rich aroma of smoked fish come together in perfect harmony.

Our company block parties, BBQs, picnics, get-togethers, and gatherings have become legendary for one reason: the show-stopping smoked fish appetizers that steal the spotlight. These aren't just recipes; they're a taste of the joy we share with friends and colleagues. So, we're letting you in on the secret sauce – or should we say, the secret brine – behind our favorite party crowd-pleasers.

Hot Smoked Salmon Cakes with Old Bay Mayo


hot smoked salmon cakes


Kick off your culinary journey with our Hot Smoked Salmon Cakes, a twist on the Maryland classic that's been a hit at our own celebrations. Flaked hot smoked salmon formed into scrumptious cakes, paired with our zesty Old Bay mayo delivers a symphony of flavors that dance with your taste buds.

Pastrami Smoked Salmon in a Blanket


pastrami smoked salmon in a blanket


When pigs in a blanket meet New York-style pastrami smoked salmon, magic happens. Join us in savoring the rich layers of flavor as our award-winning pastrami smoked salmon meets delicate puff pastry, topped with an aromatic celery seed egg wash.

Gravlax, Fennel, Mozzarella, & Calabrian Chili Tramezzini


gravlax smoked salmon finger sanwich


Our journey takes us to Italy with the Gravlax Tramezzini (Italian finger sandwiches), a delightful blend of gravlax smoked salmon, crisp fennel, creamy mozzarella, and a kick of Calabrian chili. It's a taste of old-world Italian with a Brooklyn twist. Actually, fuhgeddaboudit! It’s Brooklyn all the way!

Deviled Eggs with Chopped Pickled Herring


pickled herring deviled eggs


Elevate your deviled eggs with the unique piquancy of chopped pickled herring. It's our go-to treat at any time of day – a delicious marriage of creamy goodness, mustard zing, and the unmistakable tang of pickled herring.

Honey Maple Smoked Salmon Mini Tart Flambé


hot smoked salmon tart flambe


Picture this – sweet, caramelized onions, tart crème fraiche, and our signature honey maple hot smoked salmon. These mini tart flambés are a testament to the fact that good things come in small, flaky packages. Quick, easy, and guaranteed to impress.

Pimento Cheese & Smoked Whitefish Salad Cracker Melts


hot smoked salmon cracker melts


Down South meets the sea in our Pimento Cheese Whitefish Salad Cracker Melts, where sharp pimento cheese spread tops bite-sized delights of smoked whitefish salad. It's a flavor explosion that'll leave your guests asking for more.

Smoked Trout & Onion Dip with Rye Crackers


smoked trout dip


Cap off your culinary journey with a hearty smoked trout and onion dip. Perfect for any occasion, this smoked trout dip, paired with rye crackers and crudités, is a nod to the classic French onion dip, now with a rich, smoky twist. 

At Acme Smoked Fish, we know that good food and good company are the key ingredients to any successful gathering. These smoked fish appetizers aren't just recipes; they're a slice of our holiday traditions, now shared with you. So, get ready to impress and indulge in the festive flavors of smoked fish at your next party.



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