smoked salmon candy
smoked salmon candy
smoked salmon candy
smoked salmon candy
smoked salmon candy
smoked salmon candy
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3 oz. Smoked Salmon Candy

Acme’s new Atlantic Smoked Salmon Candy is brown sugar-cured for an amazing sweet and savory taste that is packed with protein and omega-3 fatty acids!

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3 oz. Smoked Salmon Candy

Additional Product Details

3 oz. Smoked Salmon Candy

Acme’s Smoked Salmon Candy is inspired by Northwest smoked fish traditions and perfected with Acme Smoked Fish expertise. Atlantic salmon fillets are naturally cured with salt, and then cold smoked. Strips of this cold smoked salmon are then cured with brown sugar, and hot smoked for a sweet and savory delectable smoked fish treat! This isn't your average smoked salmon; this is an Acme Smoked Fish specialty.


Atlantic Salmon, brown sugar, salt, and natural hardwood smoke


May contain bones

Other Nutritional Information

Omega-3 fatty acids, good source of protein and gluten free.

Contains fish

The Process


Lox, smoked salmon. Tomato, tomahto? Not quite. While the two names are used interchangeably, especially here in the United States, lox is different from smoked salmon. When prepared authentically, lox is cured in salt and not, in fact, smoked at all. Although this delicacy takes on a silky texture that resembles cold-smoked salmon, it stands on its own two fins thanks to its singularly salty flavor.

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