An Acme Smoked Fish Valentine: Smoked Salmon Roses!

smoked salmon roses

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, a lot of us are thinking of creative ways to treat our partners, spouses, or any of the special people in our lives. Chocolates are great, but they’re everywhere this time of year. Besides, we just put the chocolate-heavy holidays of Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Years behind us. We’ve all had enough chocolate! 

Flowers are always a good way to brighten someone’s day, and they are an obvious choice for Valentine’s Day. Despite this, if you do the same special thing as everyone else is doing for their special someone, is it really that special? Probably not. This year, leave the flowers for the Spring (when they are actually in season) and DIY something that is truly special, and still quite floral… smoked salmon roses!

You’re probably wondering, “How the heck do I make a smoked salmon rose?” Well, we aren’t just here to tell you that it’s easy peasy, we’re here to tell you how it’s done. Follow the steps below, and you are guaranteed to make perfect smoked salmon roses every single time. If you are more of a visual learner though, not to worry, we’ll include a link to a brief video tutorial at the end.

Step 1 : Getting Your Smoked Salmon

Get yourself some Acme Smoked Fish smoked salmon. You can find a wealth of options at Fish Friday, our weekly retail experience at our Brooklyn headquarters, or you can use our Store Locator to find the various options available in stores near you. To make a proper bouquet of smoked salmon roses, we suggest that you get at least 8 ounces of smoked salmon.

Step 2: Starting Your Smoked Salmon Roses

After opening the package, separate the salmon slices and lay them flat on a cutting board, tray, or any other food safe kitchen surface.

Step 3: Getting Your Smoked Salmon Roses Just Right

Working with each individual slice of smoked salmon, roll them end-to-end across your work surface. (Optional: You can cut the slices into symmetrical ribbons for better presentation, but we believe that a salmon rose of any shape tastes just as sweet…)

Step 4: Arranging Your Smoked Salmon Roses

Arrange your roses on the platter on which they will be served in whatever formation you wish. Feel free to get creative and have fun with the arrangement! Make sure when placing your smoked salmon roses that the flatter of the two swirly sides is facing down.

Step 5: Serve Your Smoked Salmon Roses

Serve, enjoy, and spread the love of smoked fish!

You see, it’s really that easy to make your own smoked salmon roses. Although this is a great and creative way to show someone that you love them, smoked salmon can be your love language all year round. Birthdays, anniversaries, or just because, there are a million reasons to tell people that you love them through smoked fish. If you would like to share any of the ways in which you express your love through smoked fish, please reach out to us via email or social media. It’s always great to hear how people use Acme Smoked Fish products to show love. After all, it’s the Brooklyn way.

For a video tutorial on making smoked salmon roses, follow the link below…



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