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For a brand that has been in the family for over 4 generations and over 100 years, it is nerve wrecking to make a change. So, believe me when I tell you that this brand change did not happen overnight. A lot of thought and work went into it to make sure we are doing the right thing. Below are some FAQ that we hope would give you more insights on why and how we made the change. Let us know if you have thoughts or additional questions!

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Hey, Acme looks different to me!  What’s goin’ on?

Since we’re on a mission to make the best smoked fish out there, we wanted to look our best, too – and it’s been a while since we had a makeover. We want to make it easy for you to discover and enjoy the many different kinds of smoked fish out there – so we set out to create an inviting website sharing recipes and more about what we do. Our brand look now invokes the sea while bringing more fun and joy to us all, along with the delicious fish that we smoke every day. After four generations of Acme and planning for many more, we wanted to catch up to how we’ve evolved as a family business.

Why did you change the logo? 

Our new logo was inspired by the sea, the core of what we do here at Acme. We brought a rich blue color into the logo while adding a wave through all the letters. We think this brings new energy to who we are while also paying tribute to our heritage.  We will always be Brooklyn since 1906 and wanted to make our roots even louder and prouder! 

Have any of Acme’s products changed?

We can’t stop, won’t stop offering the same amazing smoked fish - just with a new look + more inspiration and recipes at your fingertips.  Be on the lookout for new products - and new packaging - coming your way next year.

Is Fish Friday going to be different?

Our beloved Fish Friday tradition will still be the same great experience, but ordering has become even easier! Enjoy a more seamless shopping experience each week while browsing your favorite smoked fish, Gary’s Special, caviar, merch and more. We see this as a major upgrade to the Fish Friday ordering experience! Not only will be it easier to browse and order online for Fish Friday, but our new site is also loaded with everything you ever wanted to know about delicious smoked fish. We are offering our Fish Friday fans more information than ever before about our Fish Friday products, our fish, our methods, and our history. We can’t wait to hear what you think.

What’s different about your website? 

We re-designed the Acme website to bring you a fun and immersive smoked fish visit from fin to tail. Our Smoked Fish 101 experience brings you into our traditions and family history in Brooklyn. Besides adding tons of new recipes for all occasions, we are taking you on a deep dive into smoking fish, how and where we source, and our efforts to fight climate change in the seafood industry. Bonus: our new photos may inspire your next meal!

It’s also now much easier to find our products nationwide - for every item, you can either click to find it locally in a store (e.g. Whole Foods), or link to a same-day delivery service in your area (e.g. Instacart) where you can enjoy easy delivery. 

Is Acme still owned by the same family and based in Brooklyn?

You bet we are!  We are proud to be family-owned and operated since the very beginning - when our family decided to call it ACME signifying “the best” (and also so it would show up first in the phone book). Adam Caslow and David Caslow are cousins who, like their fathers Robert and Eric before them, are co-CEO’s who work closely with the Acme team in Brooklyn and our other locations. Adam’s sister Emily oversees the Acme Smoked Fish Foundation while Robert remains Chairman of the company. Acme operates like one big family, with amazing best-in-the-business team members working day in and day out to carry out our smoking and curing traditions.  

Where can I find Acme’s smoked fish?

Our products can be found from coast to coast at the country’s top retailers, restaurants, and bagel shops. Visit our new store locator page and it’s a cinch to find us!  If you’re in NYC, visit us every Friday from 8am-1pm in Greenpoint to sample and purchase just-smoked fish right from the smokehouse.  

So really, what’s changed? Can I still find my lox where I usually buy it? 

Yes of course! Alright, let’s be honest - nothing’s really changed!  We’re still smoking the same great fish; we’re just wearing a new suit! 



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