How Smoked Fish Fits Into Your Diet

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Did you know that smoked fish can fit beautifully into a variety of different diet plans? As the friendly fish experts, we’re here to meet you wherever you are in your healthy eating journey and provide you with various diets to attain your goals.


The paleo diet, also known as the caveman diet, is based on the foods that humans may have eaten during the Paleolithic period beginning roughly 2.5 million years ago and ending in 10,000 BCE. This diet is designed around consuming fruits and vegetables, grains, and lean proteins like chicken and fish, which makes smoked fish a perfect fit! As long as you keep your sodium levels in check, smoked fish is the perfect addition to the paleo diet to keep things fresh.


Next up we have the Keto diet. While the staple of the Keto diet is low carb and high fat consumption, it’s also important to eat an adequate amount of protein. Protein is an important macronutrient for keeping your immune system strong, your body energized, and for adequate cellular repair and muscle synthesis. There are also variations, like the high protein ketogenic diet, which requires a higher share of calories coming from protein. Smoked fish can be a fantastic source of protein while being relatively low calorie and offering valuable vitamins and minerals making smoked fish a perfect option for a person on the keto diet.

The Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet is another diet that features fish, making smoked fish an easy addition to the plan. Designed around the foods that those living on the Mediterranean sea would be eating, the Mediterranean diet has a fair amount of overlap with the Paleo diet. However, the diet also focuses on consuming whole grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables, nuts, and uses olive oil as its main source of added fat. Proteins like fish, poultry, and dairy are all consumed in moderation as well, but the diet aims to limit the consumption of overly processed foods, red meat, and seed oils. With healthy meals built around whole grains, vegetables, and legumes, adding smoked fish for your protein and vitamin and mineral needs is a fantastic way to put your own twist on the Mediterranean diet. Don’t forget fruit for dessert!


The Flexitarian diet is a great option for people looking to cut back on animal product consumption. Flexiterian is a play on words (combining flexible and vegetarian) meaning that the diet is meant to be semi-vegetarian. It encourages the consumption of primarily plant-based products, but also allows the consumption of animal products in moderation. If you’re trying to adhere to a flexitarian diet, fish is a great protein source as it’s lean, high in protein, and omega-3 fatty acids. While you generally want to keep your meat consumption down, and many flexiterian’s are working towards a fully vegetarian diet, eating fish on occasion is the more sustainable protein choice for this diet!


Lastly, no list of diets for smoked fish would be complete without the pescatarian diet. Pescatarian is again a semi-vegetarian diet, which restricts the consumption of most animal products, but allows adherents to consume fish. Some pescatarians also consume eggs and dairy products (lacto-ovo vegetarian), but avoid other meats like chicken, beef, and pork. The diet is quite similar to the Mediterranean diet, building meals primarily around whole grains, legumes, vegetables and other vegetarian options, but allowing dieters to consume fish as their primary source of protein. If you’re looking to cut back on your land-based animal protein intake, but can’t imagine giving up the occasional bagel & lox, the pescatarian diet is a fantastic option for you!

Reach Out To Acme Smoked Fish

If you’re interested in giving any of these diets a try and need help procuring smoked fish to include in your meal plans, our team at Acme Smoked Fish is ready to assist. You can pick up smoked fish in bulk at Fish Friday, our weekly retail experience at our flagship Brooklyn location or you can visit our website to use our store locator and find retailers that carry Acme Smoked Fish products near you. We look forward to assisting you on your dieting journey!


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