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3 oz. Salty Lox
3 oz. Salty Lox
3 oz. Salty Lox
3 oz. Salty Lox
3 oz. Salty Lox
3 oz. Salty Lox
3 oz. Salty Lox
3 oz. Salty Lox

3 oz. Salty Lox

Lox is smooth, salty, and—despite the misconceptions—not smoked at all. The OG of the appetizing platter, this old-world cured fish delights with assertive, authentic flavor.
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Additional Product Details

To prepare this authentic delicacy, we carefully source the highest quality Atlantic salmon, trim each fish by hand, and brine the filets in a traditional salt cure. After a long bath—at least four weeks—we slice the salmon ultra-thin, allowing you to best enjoy its bracingly bold flavor and lush, melt-in-your-mouth texture. 

And there you have it: Lox. Proof that you shouldn’t always smoke ’em if you got ’em. As assertively salty as it is delicate, soft, tender. Not unlike your favorite sashimi, but with an added kiss of ocean air. 

Lox plays well next to the refreshing snap of a cucumber slice, the sweet bite of chives or onions, and the mellow bliss of a great soft cheese. But true lox lovers will dive right into the package, fingers first. Like a dip in the coldest, saltiest sea, just one bite will wake you up (and have you dreaming of the next). 


Salmon, Salt


May contain bones

Other Nutritional Information

Omega-3 fatty acids, good source of protein and gluten free.

Contains fish

The Process


Lox, smoked salmon. Tomato, tomahto? Not quite. While the two names are used interchangeably, especially here in the United States, lox is different from smoked salmon. When prepared authentically, lox is cured in salt and not, in fact, smoked at all. Although this delicacy takes on a silky texture that resembles cold-smoked salmon, it stands on its own two fins thanks to its singularly salty flavor.

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