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The Seafood Industry Climate Awards

Empowering seafood industry leaders to turn the tide against climate change—and chart a course towards a low-carbon future. 

Enter your solution for reducing the seafood industry’s carbon footprint.

Apply Now

Entries accepted through

November 2nd, 2023

Acme Smoked Fish

The Seafood Industry Climate Awards (SICA) celebrate early stage efforts to reduce the industry’s carbon footprint. 

Significant progress has been made in the seafood industry to address sustainability issues. Yet, climate adaptation is a relatively new focus area that is demanding immediate action. 

We believe that if innovators, from applied researchers to product developers to entrepreneurs, have increased attention and resources, they can help turn the tide and transform the seafood industry into a leader in the climate movement.

Click here to see the application for more details. Questions can be directed to

3 winners

$70,000 Per Award

Featured in Media & At Industry Events

Entries Address one or More Industry Areas

  • On the Water
  • Shipping & Logistics
  • Processing & Manufacturing
  • Energy Usage
  • Waste Management
  • Alternative Proteins
  • Workforce Development

Our SICA Judges

Our SICA recipients are selected by the leading minds in the seafood industry.  

Acme Smoked Fish

Amanda Foster

Corporate Citizenship Manager - TD Bank Foundation

Acme Smoked Fish

Cristian Andler

Cofounder - Green Ticket

Acme Smoked Fish

Bri Warner

Chief Executive Officer - Atlantic Sea Farms

Acme Smoked Fish

Stacy Schultz

Director Marketing and Sustainability Coordinator - Fortune Fish and Gourmet, Board Member of SeaPact Foundation

Acme Smoked Fish

Cari McCall

Sr Strategic Sourcing Specialist - Walt Disney Parks & Resorts

Acme Smoked Fish

Sid Shafin

Plant Engineer - Acme Smoked Fish

Acme Smoked Fish

Rob Snyder

Chief People and Sustainability Officer - Acme Smoked Fish, Acme Smoked Fish Foundation


Winning applications must meet and will be evaluated on the following requirements:


Ability, current or potential, to reduce the carbon footprint of discrete aspects of the seafood industry.

50% of Total Score

Application Question: How would the proposed work reduce the carbon footprint of the seafood sector?


Clear and realistic approach to achieve application goals including leverage of the award.

25% of Total Score

Application Question: What is the plan for implementation with a focus on 12 months from receiving award?


Applying team and/or program improves seafood industry diversity (women, people of color, and marginalized communities).

25% of Total Score

Application Question: How is the team and/or work improving the diversity of the seafood sector?

Selection Process

Awardees will be reviewed and selected by judges representing a broad set of perspectives from across the seafood industry. Judge’s will evaluate entries based on the criteria, each with equal weighting. Judges may contact applicants for clarification or additional information. Evaluation will begin once the application period has closed and winners will be announced in December 2023.


  • Applicants must be formally affiliated with and applying through a legally registered entity that can receive unrestricted grant funding.
  • Be registered and located in the United States or Canada.
  • Meet all submission deadlines, including submitting a completed application form by the required deadline.
  • Ability to fulfill all grant requirements including a minimum of a midterm and final update. 
  • Past Seafood Industry Climate Award winners are not eligible to apply.
  • Agree to all legal terms and conditions of the award.

The Acme Smoked Fish Foundation does not fund the following:

  • Lobbying and activities to influence specific legislation
  • Religious organizations
  • Individuals unaffiliated with a legal entity

Frequently Asked Questions

What are examples of good entries?

We encourage applications from a wide range of efforts. These can be from any of the following categories:

  • On the water 
  • Shipping & Logistics
  • Processing & Manufacturing
  • Energy Usage
  • Waste Management
  • Alternative Proteins
  • Workforce Development

Entries can range from researchers diving into the impacts of seafood shipping, nonprofit programs dedicated to improving fishing practices, startups developing alternative proteins and more. Entries can be from the seafood industry or compelling applications from other fields. The opportunity and need for innovative solutions is wide, and we want to find the most impactful ideas and teams, wherever they may come from. 

What is the application deadline?

Applications for the U.S. and Canada are being accepted until November 2, 2023 at 5pm EDT. 

When will winners be announced?

All applicants, including winners, will be notified in December. 

What do winners receive?

Three winners will be selected from the pool of U.S. and Canadian applicants. Each winner will receive a $70,000 grant to be used for the plan outlined in their application. They will also receive recognition in industry press and will present their work at a seafood industry event. 

What makes a good application?

Successful applications have the following:

  • Meet eligibility requirements
  • Complete all required information
  • Address the three criteria– impact, plan and diversity–in their application
  • Clearly articulate how they can continue to reduce the carbon footprint of the seafood industry

Who can I talk to with questions or to get help?

Send an email with any questions to

2022 North American SICA Recipients

Energy Sustainability of Micmac RAS Hatchery Using Solar Power: Aroostook Band of Mi’kmaqs

With Micmac Farms and Hatchery, the Mi’kmaq Nation makes a meaningful difference. Each year, they provide about 12,000 pounds of Maine strain Eastern Brook Trout to the community using innovative Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) technology. Through SICA funding, they’re taking their eco-friendly approach a step further by integrating renewable solar power into their RAS. By making strides in sustainable aquaculture, the Mi’kmaq Nation has created a resilient, energy-independent food source for their community and inspired other indigenous groups to join their journey.

Learn More

ALFA Beta: Alaska Longline Fishermen’s Association Boat Energy Transition Accelerator

To transition the Alaska fishing fleet to hybrid diesel/electric power, ALFA is launching an innovative pilot project—collaborating with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory,  the Energy Transitions Initiative Project Partnership, and over 300 fisher-members to lessen their industry’s carbon footprint. This all-hands-on-deck initiative to convert ships, collect crucial data, and cultivate community engagement began in the fall of 2022, powered by SICA funding. 

Learn More

Lift All Boats Initiative: Luke’s Seafood

BIPOC students and immigrants face countless barriers to entry when it comes to the commercial fishing and lobstering industries in Maine. Luke’s Seafood is here to change that, paving pathways for prospective fishermen and women from underserved communities. Through hands-on experiences, Luke’s helps enrolled students gain insights into the environmental impact of the industry and discover opportunities to innovate. Through SICA funding, Luke’s can hire more instructors and lead more students to sustainable careers. 

Learn More

2022 Chilean SICA Recipients

Addressing the climate crisis requires a global approach. Through the Chilean awards program, Acme acknowledges that sustainable action and seafood-industry innovation know no borders. 

Electromovilidad Náutica Cero Emisiones: Antü Energía SpA

In a nation with a massive coastline and booming seafood industry, everything seems to happen at sea. But all of the boating required to take care of business can take a toll on the health of the planet, contributing to the industry’s overall carbon emissions. Antü Energía SpA is working to lighten the footprint, gathering key data and designing efficient electric systems to power small outboard motorboats. 

Learn More

Transformación de residuos plásticos en ecocombustibles: Salmonhealth SpA

Guided by the spirit of transformation, Salmonhealth SpA seeks to convert 22,000 tonnes of plastic waste from the salmon industry into clean, efficient energy. It’s a powerful idea and a promising project, one that can reduce the industry’s carbon output, preserve the biodiversity of the Los Lagos region, and inspire fellow innovators to view waste as an opportunity.

Learn More

Our SICA Partners

Acme Smoked Fish

Acme Smoked Fish

Acme Smoked Fish

Acme Smoked Fish

Support for SICA

Support for SICA

The Seafood Industry Climate Award is made possible by a fleet of intrepid thinkers, philanthropists, and corporate leaders. Beyond Acme Smoked Fish Corp., SICA’s sponsors include The Builder's Initiative, TD Bank, Northside Packaging, Feature Foods International, Buckhead Capital Corp., Eastern Quality Foods, Rampart Insurance Services, Margolin Winer & Evens, LLP, Cole Scholtz P.C., and Marc Brownstein.

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