Once you open your package of smoked fish, you should consume it all within 5 days. In the rare event of leftovers, store your opened packages in a zip-lock bag to maintain that second-to-none succulence.

Unopened, vacuum-packed fish, including cold-smoked, hot-smoked, and specialty items,  will stay fresh and flavorful for much longer. Just check the “best by” date on the label and enjoy before then. Saving your smoked fish for a special occasion? Pop it in the freezer to extend the shelf life for up to 6 months. A thaw in the fridge (set below 40°F) is all that stands between you and a great meal with family or friends. 

It sure is. You can extend the shelf life of your fish for up to 6 months by popping it in the freezer, then thawing it in the fridge (set below 40°F) when you’re ready to enjoy. Just avoid re-freezing if you’d like to preserve the superior texture, flavor, and color of the fish.

If you belong to the “savor it slowly” school, you have time to spare—our Whitefish Salad will stay fresh for 5 days in the fridge. Just avoid freezing the salad to maintain its creamy consistency.

We recommend you enjoy your herring within 10–15 days of opening the jar. Word to the wise? You want to keep your pickled herring refrigerated at all times, even if it’s sealed. Sorry, that does mean you have to toss the jar that got lost under your car seat on the way home from the grocery store or was in your fridge during that days-long power outage.

Absolutely. While freezing the herring may change the texture and appearance of the fish, you’re more than welcome to store them in your freezer. Just be sure to move the contents of your herring jar into a freezer-safe plastic container or zip-lock bag to avoid broken glass.

You should never store smoked fish at room temperature, so as soon as you’re home from the store, pop it right into the fridge.
Hosting a brunch or grazing on bagels with friends? Just make sure you open the package when you take it out of the fridge, and never leave it out for more than 3 hours at room temp.

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