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During the Passover season, you’ll notice a “Kosher for Passover” sticker or laser inscription. Check out our blog post about Kosher for Passover products for more info.

For a fish to be kosher, it’s gotta have scales, bones, and fins. That rules out shellfish, but it also excludes scale-less fish like sturgeon, swordfish, and catfish. Hungry for more information about how we uphold kosher standards? Check out our Kosher and Quality Standards section.

We believe that premium smoked fish should be enjoyed by all—including our friends and families who keep kosher. That’s why everything, except for our sturgeon, is certified kosher. 
Fun fact: for a fish and the products derived from it to be kosher, it must have both fins and scales. Because sturgeon have unique “scales” that are smooth and cannot be scraped away without ripping the skin, its meat and caviar cannot be consumed under traditional kosher law.

Several of our products are made Kosher for Passover. Prior to Passover production, the KOF-K certifiers prepare our plants to uphold Kosher for Passover standards. That means you can enjoy our smoked fish all year long. Just remember, when purchasing Acme products during (and leading up to) Passover, check for one of our "Kosher for Passover" labels to be sure.

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