A bit of food science: Because cream is naturally acidic, it breaks down the proteins in the herring, resulting in a softer, more tender bite.

To keep with tradition, we add a trace amount of wine to every batch of our pickling brine. This wine is quickly absorbed by the vinegar present in the mixture, so there’s absolutely no alcohol detectable in this delicacy.

We recommend you enjoy your herring within 10–15 days of opening the jar. Word to the wise? You want to keep your pickled herring refrigerated at all times, even if it’s sealed. Sorry, that does mean you have to toss the jar that got lost under your car seat on the way home from the grocery store or was in your fridge during that days-long power outage.

Absolutely. While freezing the herring may change the texture and appearance of the fish, you’re more than welcome to store them in your freezer. Just be sure to move the contents of your herring jar into a freezer-safe plastic container or zip-lock bag to avoid broken glass.

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