One Stop Shop

Acme's ability to produce a wide range of seafood specialties has made Acme the easy one-stop choice when buying premium smoked fish, pickled herring, or ready-to-eat seafood specialties. Acme's array of smoked fish includes cold smoked salmon in various flavors and presentations, kippered salmon, smoked whitefish, smoked whiting, smoked trout, smoked mackerel, smoked tuna, smoked sturgeon, smoked chubs, smoked ciscoes, smoked bluefish, smoked marlin, smoked wahoo, smoked eel, and more. The line of pickled herring is the most diverse line in the marketplace with more than 10 flavor varieties. When it comes to innovative seafood specialties or complements, Acme also leads the pack with salmon jerky, gravlax curing kits, keta candy, or sauces. The offering of products is supported by each of our three retail brands, including Acme, Blue Hill Bay, and Ruby Bay. These brands are available in major supermarkets and specialty stores throughtout the nation. Our products are also served in premier food service establishments from coast to coast.

Our three different brands also provide an alternative so you can reach your specific audience.

  • Acme: The Acme line includes the more traditional smoked fish products and herring. These products have been around for generations. If your consumer is the traditional smoked fish eater, then the Acme line would be more recognizable. Products are available in retail and bulk sizes.
  • Blue Hill Bay: This line of all-natural and preservative smoked fish and herring got started in 2000. The consumer of Blue Hill Bay products seek healthy foods and tend to prefer wild-caught fish varieties. If your store, tailors to the organic. health conscious consumer, then the Blue Hill Bay brand is the right choice. Many products are available in retail and bulk sizes.
  • Ruby Bay: This line is where innovation meets tradition. Smoked fish and seafood specialties are created with the foodie consumer in mind who is constantly looking for new and great flavors to enhance his or her eating experience. Products are available in retail sizes.
  • Great American: This line of food service smoked fish and herring products are predominantly available in south Florida. Products are only available in bulk sizes.

Quality Assurance

Acme capability to provide quality on a consistent basis is possible not only because we are committed, but because over the years we have partnered with institutions that given us opportunities to have access to technologies that otherwise would have been impossible to seize as a small company. Acme is considered today, the leader when it comes to industry expertise. Government and private institutions constantly reach out to gain important insights on food safety and quality. Our Quality Assurance staff has over 40 years of combined experience in quality and food safety.

Customer Service

See why our customer service will make a difference when your buy Acme's products. We understand that your success not only depends on having the right mix of great products, but having them on time every time.

See why our customer service is especial.