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8 oz. Nova Snacks (02018)

The silky, buttery texture of the nova snacks are the result of a delicate curing and natural smoking process that has been carried out for generations.These tid-bits of smoked atlantic salmon can be perfectly paired with any recipe, sandwich, or salad.

Salmon, salt, celery powder, sodium nitrite, and natural hardwood smoke.
Fish, May contain bones
Other Nutritional Facts: 
Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Good Source of Protein, Zero Trans Fat, Gluten Free
Handling Instructions: 
Keep Refrigerated at 38°F or Below. If frozen, thaw under refrigeration.
Usage Suggestions: 
Plain, on Crackers, Salads, Bagel
Consume within 5 days of opening.
Kosher Status: 
Canada, Chile, Norway, USA
Wild or Farm-Raised: 
Farm Raised
Fish Species: 
Salmo Salar
Case Count: 
0 23384 00208 8
Please note that the slices of this product are not uniformly sized as our regular pre-sliced smoked salmon.

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