Smoked Trout & Onion Dip with Rye Crackers
Add our naturally smoked trout to your next onion dip recipe for a heartier spread that will impress and fill your guests! Once you add this fresh water fish to your appetizer repertoire,...
Smoked Sable and Avocado Rice Ball
The buttery, smooth taste of our smoked sable complements warm sushi rice and avocado in these East Asian inspired appetizers.
The Alton Brown
The Alton Brown recipe is courtesy of Zucker's Bagels in New York, New York.
New York Leo
Recipe courtesy of Proper Bagel in Nashville, Tennessee.
Smoked Sable Sandwich
Recipe courtesy of Corky & Lenny's in Woodmere, Ohio.
Acme's Finest
Recipe courtesy of Bagel Master, based in Syosset, New York.
Smoked Salmon Tartare
Recipe courtesy of Frankel's, based in Brooklyn, New York.
Eastern Baked Salmon & Cream Cheese
Recipe courtesy of Nate 'N Al Delicatessen. Check them out in Beverly Hills, California.
The Great Gatsby
Recipe courtesy of Shelsky's in Brooklyn, New York.
Dekalb & Sumner
Recipe courtesy of Famous 4th Street Delicatessen in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Loaded with three different types of smoked fish, you will love this sandwich combination.