Smoked Salmon Avocado Toast
Recipe courtesy of Schmear Bakery & Market in Port Washington, New York. If you love avocado toast, this recipe is for you. 
Whitefish Melt
Perfect for lunch time! 
Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict
Brunch time! Switch up the classic eggs benedict by topping english muffin with smoked salmon and dill. 
Sable on Rye with Apple, Cranberry and Dijon
A simple appetizer or main meal for any event.
Hot and Cold Smoked Salmon Roll
An updated twist on the traditional lobster roll. Incorporating a blend of hot and cold smoked salmon.
Triple Decker Nova club
Open wide! This unique layered sandwich is a great treat for lunch, three layers of soft bread piled high with traditional smoked salmon. 
Pastrami Nova on Avocado Toast with Grilled Onions
This lean treat is the perfect healthy meal that's packed with Omega 3s and Protein.
Pumpernickel with Gravlax, Roasted Red Peppers, and Sprouts
This lean treat is the perfect healthy meal that keeps you feeling full. 
Smoked Salmon & Potato Pancakes
Great for the holidays or every day appetizer. Top this traditional treat with any variety of smoked salmon. 
The Cheesy Jerk
Spice up this main dish meal with Ruby Bay's Peppered Salmon Jerky. The smoky salmon flavor and peppered spice complements an array of five fine cheeses and decadent herbs.