The Cheesy Jerk

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The Cheesy Jerk

Meal Theme:

Total Time: 
40 Minutes
Approximate Yield: 
6-7 Servings


Spice up this main dish meal with Ruby Bay's Peppered Salmon Jerky. The smoky salmon flavor and peppered spice complements an array of five fine cheeses and decadent herbs.


1⁄2 cup
manchego cheese
3⁄4 cups
mozzarella cheese
2 1⁄2 cups
macaroni (of choice)
2 packages
peppered salmon jerky
1⁄4 cup
parmesan cheese (For Topping )
1 1⁄2 cup
ricotta cheese
1⁄2 bunch
1 tablespoon
butter (or 1/4 cup of EVOO)
1 cup
extra virgin olive oil (EVOO)
basil leaves
round brie cheese (optional)
<<>>garlic bread<<>>
2 cloves
1 tablespoon
panko bread crumbs
1⁄4 cup
sun dried tomatoes
2 cloves


Pre-heat the oven to 350°F. Place 3 cups of water in a medium sized pot, set high on stove. While you wait, take the cloves of garlic, basil, sun dried tomatoes, and scallions, finely chop them and place together in a small mixing bowl. Start to shred the mozzarella, manchego, and parmesan cheeses, saving two pinches of parmesan for topping.

Once water is boiled, place macaroni into the pot, wait 10 minutes, then strain the pasta and place into a large mixing bowl. Pour the extra virgin olive oil into the bowl, along with the rest of the ingredients. Take your Ruby Bay salmon jerky and cut each piece in half, proceed to placethe pieces into the mixing bowl. Stir the ingredients together then place into a medium sized baking pan. Finally, sprinkle the panko bread crumbs, sliced brie cheese, and the remainder of paramesan cheese on top. Place in the oven for 30 minutes.