The Caslow Family

The family dynamic at Acme begins at the crack of dawn when all the members of the Caslow family step on premises. Whether they are double checking orders or sharing business insights, the commitment to their products and company is omnipresent. This passion to work was inherited from Rubin Caslow, who continued working at Acme until his last days.  For more on the individual members of the Caslow family, visit the Management Team section.

An important sign of a healthy and well managed company is when its skilled team members are genuinely passionate about their work. This is exactly what we have at Acme and we recognize the great fortune of having knowledgable, hardworking people as part of the Acme family.

Gary Brownstein

Before taking over the slicing department twenty years ago, Gary worked extensively in the Herring, Pre-Pack and Salad departments, managing each one over the thirty-five years he’s been a full-time employee at Acme.  Gary is proud to be an Acme employee since 1967, following in the footsteps of his grandfather Harry Brownstein and father Morton Brownstein. Gary sees dedication to detail as Acme’s number one goal and is pleased to be working to that end with his cousins, Eric and Robert Caslow. In his spare time, Gary’s passion for food and infectious enthusiasm for golf doesn't disappear. He has made it a goal to try every restaurant in town and create his own recipes while spending time with his wife and daughter.

Gary is the creator of "Gary's Fish Friday Specials": a unique smoked salmon recipe creation featured almost every Fish Friday. 

The Suarez Brothers

Rogers (left) and Luis Antonio (right) Suarez emigrated from Ecuador. Rogers came to New York in 1981 and started working at Acme in various processing positions. He became the brine master and now is one of the few skilled fish cutters at Acme. Luis Antonio also came to New York in early 2000 and followed his brother's foot steps at Acme. Luis is now part of the processing team. 

Ramon Roman

At Acme, we value passionate, hardworking team members. Ramon Roman, who is retiring on July 28th, 2017, after 46 years at Acme, exemplifies this. Ramon started at Acme in 1971, at the young age of 19. During his tenure at Acme, Ramon’s work ranged from cleaning, processing salmon, to his final and favorite work, trimming the Nova Salmon. Whatever job he was given, he was known for doing it to the best of his ability. When asked about his favorite part of working at Acme, he responded: “the responsibility.” He would take on whatever he was assigned and do it with gusto. Gary Brownstein, who is in charge of the slicing and packaging department, and supervised Ramon many of these years, commented that “Ramon is one of the best and hardest workers at Acme; if there was ever a hard job, he would do it.”

Reflecting back on his 46 years at Acme, Ramon commented on many positive changes that have occurred at Acme. He remembered how when he started, Acme didn’t have Hi-Lo machines and everything was done by hand. Today, “we have improved our processes, quality and cleaning guidelines; everything is much better.”

We wish Ramon a happy and healthy retirement. We thank him for his 46 years of loyal and committed service!