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Work Environment

Acme Smoked Fish Corporation, a Brooklyn-based company, is located in the heart of Greenpoint and a few steps from Williamsburg. The location in Brooklyn also serves as the main factory, where most of its delicious products are made since the early 1950's. About 45% of the workforce in the Brooklyn facility live in Brooklyn, with the majority being from the immediate Williamsburg and Greenpoint neighborhoods. 82% of our employees live in the five boroughs of New York City and the rest come from Long Island, New Jersey and far away as Pennsylvania.

The Acme Smoked Fish of Florida, LLC division is based in Pompano Beach, Florida with manufacturing and distribution capabilities.

The Acme Smoked Fish of North Carolina, LLC division will be based in Wilmington, NC with manufacturing capabilities.


Acme Smoked Fish Corporation is committed to creating a diverse environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. All applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation. national origin, genetics, disability, age, veteran status, or fish species.

Departments at Acme

The departments below are the engines that move our company forward. Acme Smoked Fish Corporation employs the top talent for each of the various functions in an effort to constantly be the leader in our industry. Our people bring the skills that make Acme today's leader in the industry.

Quality Assurance and R&D

This department is staffed with employees who have advanced technical degrees in Chemistry, Microbiology, and Food Science from top universities. Most of the members of the QA department are fully certified in HACCP. Acme Smoked Fish Corp. is widely recognized in the industry for conducting pioneering research jointly with universities such as Cornell University and University of Maryland in the field of Microbiology. Product and process development also play an important role within the activies carried out by this department.

Customer Service

The cumulative years of experience of our customer service team in the seafood industry easily tops the 120-yr mark. This is an unparalleled level of knowledge about the industry, our customers, our products and what it takes to stay in the game, keep the orders coming and ramp up two- and three-fold during the busy holiday seasons.

Production, Shipping and Delivery

Our production, shipping and delivery employees are proud members of a skilled workforce that make our company and products the best in the industry. Many employees have been with Acme Smoked Fish Corporation for many years, and have developed unique trade skills that make them very valuable to the company. Whether it is filleting whole fish, making recipes, operating the (smoking) ovens or delivering our products to the corners of Greater New York and beyond, no task is too difficult for our employees. This is a gritty group whom are proud of to be part of the leading smoked fish company in the country.


Our sales force has decades of experience not only in the smoked fish industry, but in the entire food industry. Many of our sales representatives used to operate their own smokehouses before joining Acme Smoked Fish Corp. As such, they understand the entire smoked fish life cycle – from sourcing raw materials to production, distribution, and selling – which gives them a competitive advantage when talking to customers.

Strategy, Business Development, and Marketing

This division addresses a number of functions that answer essential business questions such as: "What", "Why", "Who", and "How". The department is responsible for identifying, researching, and executing growth opportunities and strategic alliances internally and externally to support the company. The strategic responsibilities include building the bridge between the economies of the market, the ideas at the core of the business, and action.


The finance department hires individuals who have the technical skills, experience, and attention to detail that are essential to be successful in this discipline. Degrees in accounting, finance, and business are typical in this department.


Acme Smoked Fish Corporation offers two to three internships every summer, depending on business needs. We look for interns with backgrounds in food science, microbiology, chemistry, mechanical engineering, manufacturing engineering, marketing, and IT. These internships are paid and generally involve well-scoped, real-life projects that provide value to the company. Interns have the opportunity to showcase their work to Acme executives at the end of their assignment.